Waiting in Station…

The alarm ringing in her ear, Kailii groggily sat up in her bed and reached out to turn it off.  Another day was about to begin. Outside her quarters she could make out the sounds of the night shift workers coming home while the day shifters prepared for the work ahead them.  A far cry … Continue reading Waiting in Station…


Well that escalated quickly

Despite stepping away from Eve a couple of weeks ago, I've found myself still touching base with the community (some friendships are hard to leave behind).  I watched in mild amusement as reddit got mad over changes to the play styles of the 1% of the 1% (just remember folks - real capsuleers would biomass … Continue reading Well that escalated quickly

Fanfest 2017 Review – Part 2: The Main Event

You can read Part 1 here. Having watched Fanfest from afar for several years now, for my wife and I attending for the first time, this event brought a whole new level to my experience of the game. Sure I've attended EveDownUnder for the last couple of years, attended countless local Brisbane Player Meetups (Happy … Continue reading Fanfest 2017 Review – Part 2: The Main Event

Fanfest 2017 Review – Part 1: LARPing at H4-RP4

For any Australian (or CCP employee coming to EveDownUnder), the trip to Iceland is painful at best - nearly 24 hours on three planes, and thats not including the stopovers in-between. But it is a pilgrimage that pays off.  The feeling of being surrounded by so many spaceship nerds at once is indescribable at best - … Continue reading Fanfest 2017 Review – Part 1: LARPing at H4-RP4

Onwards to New Eden

Flight path to New Eden - EVE - Genesis: Check (Yes that is the system address - No, I did not get it correct when playing Eve Pub Trivia at last years EveDownUnder *shame*) Capsule speakers playing Radiohead: Turned up to 11 Undock status: system is completely boring.   Let's do this!   Inherent Implants Biotech … Continue reading Onwards to New Eden