Treking to the Sisters

Sad news - the hard drive on my desktop computer failed a week ago.  And with Fanfest rapidly approaching, any spare money is being put aside to save for that instead. Not all is lost though, as I am currently writing this on an old laptop that I have lying around.  Sure its not as … Continue reading Treking to the Sisters



With all the recent goings on regarding the Kyonoke Outbreak, I figured it was finally time to go check out the source. Still in New Eden though I figured I may as well take on some Guardian Angels along the way. I saw the Cynabal on scan and knew I needed to GTFO...but didn't. Oh … Continue reading Taisy…Taisy…

Guardians of New Eden

So I'm still hanging out in the New Eden system, having had minimal time to log in since I got here.  But it seems I am no longer alone. With the Guardian's Gala kicking off, there was not one, nor two, but three Rendzvous Points in the system. Now Kailii has a long history with … Continue reading Guardians of New Eden

The Kyonoke Pit

To misappropriate a quote from "Flying High" (that's "Airplane" for my American friends), seems I picked the wrong day to quit winning Eve.  So a Kyonoke outbreak has been confirmed by the Caldari State as the cause of the mysterious deaths and subsequent quarantine in Myrskaa on Oijanen II. This is not good.  I remember … Continue reading The Kyonoke Pit

Onwards to New Eden

Flight path to New Eden - EVE - Genesis: Check (Yes that is the system address - No, I did not get it correct when playing Eve Pub Trivia at last years EveDownUnder *shame*) Capsule speakers playing Radiohead: Turned up to 11 Undock status: system is completely boring.   Let's do this!   Inherent Implants Biotech … Continue reading Onwards to New Eden

Abandoned Stations

Undocking in my Stratios, I recommenced my pilgrimage to the Eve Gate from Gergish, with the first sightseeing detour being the next system over in Imya. The Abandoned Research Outpost was different to those I had encountered previously in that there were actaully two stations present here.  Interestingly enough, this would not be the last, … Continue reading Abandoned Stations

Returning to a New Project in New Eden

After some time away from New Eden, I'm slowly beginning to dip my toes back into the capsule.  It's also an opportunity to re-think what this blog means to me. As it stands, this past month has seen me reexamine the "real world" around me, having embarked on a 365 photo project (ie the aim … Continue reading Returning to a New Project in New Eden