With all the recent goings on regarding the Kyonoke Outbreak, I figured it was finally time to go check out the source.

Still in New Eden though I figured I may as well take on some Guardian Angels along the way.

I saw the Cynabal on scan and knew I needed to GTFO…but didn’t.

Oh well…

Yes I lost a few SKINS – I’m fairly useless when it comes to 1v1s (and in a non-PvP fit ship) but such is life.  I congratulated my opponent (who admitted he had recently lost a heap of SKINS himself – including a Nyx SKIN) and wished him well – hope he enjoys that Thanatos SKINS (good on him for his change of luck today).

Kailii Severasse > gf
“Bad Guy” > gf
Kailii Severasse > enjoy the skins 🙂
“Bad Guy” > ty 😀
“Bad Guy” > i lost a few myself the other day
“Bad Guy” > Kill: “Bad Guy” (Cynabal)
Kailii Severasse > alas – thats eve
“Bad Guy” > x.x
“Bad Guy” > indeed
Kailii Severasse > ouch
“Bad Guy” > yeah
“Bad Guy” > i picked that fight, too
Kailii Severasse > well looks like the thanatos skin dropped for you this time
Kailii Severasse > well im off to reship – o/ friend
“Bad Guy” > o/
“Bad Guy” > take it easy
Kailii Severasse > you too

This is EVE afterall so there was only one thing for it – back to Dodixie to reship (thank goodness for my trading alt) and get back on task.

I guess we’ll start in Tolle – Home to the Impetus Tolle Studio.  These people are the fine purveyors of holoreels containing “anything from epic historical movies to cheap porn flicks” (as described in the site’s description).

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.36.47 pm.png
Impetus Tolle Studio – Tolle

I think the presence of the “Pleasure Hubs” gives a clue about the types of movie being produced here.

Pleasure Hub.png
Pleasure Hub – Impetus Tolle Studio – Tolle

Next up – Ourapheh.  A busy system with several sites to visit, beginning with an Astrahaus Exemplar Site.  Upwell began building these sites about a year ago – just before the release to capsuleers, to demonstrate what they would look like.  Interestingly at the time, several capsuleers decided to “Bring on the Wrecking Machine” as it were to another Exemplar Site, although they were later banned from participation in Upwell’s “Research Project” at the time.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.49.47 pm.png
Astrahaus Exemplar Site – Ourapheh

The Ruined Minmatar Outpost also proved to be an interesting site, with not one but two ruined structures (but considering its Minmatar, can you really tell the difference *boom tish*).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last to check up on in Ourapheh was the Natural Phenomena, with its Mysterious Rock Formation.

Mysterious Rock Formation.png
Mysterious Rock Formation – Natural Phenomena – Ourapheh

Not a site to visit as such, but perhaps one of my favourite “sights” in Eve has to be the night side view of Botane VI, right below the Dodixie gate.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.57.08 pm.png
Dodixie Gate – Botane VI – Botane

“Attention passengers – as we pass through the Algogille system, you may wish to look out your left hand window as we go past a ship graveyard”.

Wreck – Algogille Ship Graveyard

The Caldari Border Zone was a boring stretch with nothing of interest to visit, but thats not to say that the Caldari are a boring bunch, even if they are uptight corporate types – everything my freedom loving Gallente self despises – DOWN WITH THE MAN!!!

Moving into Lonetrek, several sites begane to apear.  The Derelict Ruins of Sarekuwa certainly brought a change to some of the scenery I had been witnessing so far on this trip.

circular construction.png
Circular Construction – Derelict Ruins – Sarekuwa

Another “Circular Construction” was also to be found in Iidoken, this time at an Abandoned Battlefield.

debris and circular construction.png
Circular Construction – Abandoned Battlefield – Iidoken

I eventually made it into Low Security space at Nalvula.  Although the Guristas Transportation Facility had been abandoned, it seems I wasn’t the only curious explorer checking out a nearby hollow (“holey” even) asteroid (no wonder they Transportation Facility was abandoned).

Guristas control tower.png
Guristas Control Tower – Abandoned Guristas Transportation Facility – Nalvula
Hollow asteroid.png
Hollow Asteroid – Natural Phenomena – Nalvula

At last I made it into Taisy.  Seems the Caldari have been been quite smart here because there is no actual site to warp to (Gee I wonder why!)

The Kyonoke Pit chronicle mentions that it is located “in the deep recesses of the Taisy system”.  Alas, for capsuleers, we will have to settle for a visit to Taisy VIII, which is labeled on the overview as “Taisy VIII (Kyonoke Pit)”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.38.42 pm.png
Taisy VIII (Kyonoke Pit) – Taisy

So there we are, another long trip done and dusted.  In some ways a little anticlimactic, but I cannot say I wasn’t surprised (definitely a little bit relieved in fact that people had the sense not to make a site of this magnitude easily accessable).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more Guardian Angels to hunt down.


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