Discovering Project Discovery

I've been looking forward to Project Discovery for some time now and today I finally got to trial it out on Singularity.  Without too many expectations going into it, I found it to be an extremely fun, yet challenging, mini game that I can quite easily see becoming a bit of a time sink for … Continue reading Discovering Project Discovery


Continuing Upwell’s assault on the Serpentis

I'll preface this by saying that while I enjoy the lore in Eve and follow it as closely as I can, I am in no way an expert (I'll leave that to the likes of Hydrostatic, Mark726 and Rhavaas) and am likely to make a complete mash of things when discussing it.  With that disclaimer, … Continue reading Continuing Upwell’s assault on the Serpentis

Hectic Holidays

Its interesting going through my Facebook feed and watching the constant stream of overseas holiday updates from "acquaintances" travelling overseas.  There are times when FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) might begin to work its way into ones psyche, but then I think about all the amazing cool stuff that has happened over my holiday thus … Continue reading Hectic Holidays