Onwards to New Eden

Flight path to New Eden – EVE – Genesis: Check (Yes that is the system address – No, I did not get it correct when playing Eve Pub Trivia at last years EveDownUnder *shame*)

Capsule speakers playing Radiohead: Turned up to 11

Undock status: system is completely boring.


Let’s do this!


Inherent Implants Biotech Production station at Angur III – Moon 1 was of an Amarr variant design that I had not come across before previously.  With four outer spires, it looked more like a lotus flower opening up than it did a space station.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.29.58 pm.png
Inherent Implants Biotech Production – Moon 1 – Angur III

Another Abandoned Research Outpost might have seemed a bit mundane at this point, except for the fact that it was orbiting the sun.  Although the scorch marks seem to indicate that the station has been through a fair bit, the Blood Raider Armada present kind of leads one to cry *bullshit* on the whole “Abandoned” thing.

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Still in Angur, the Natural Phenomenon was also worth checking out.  The Mysterious Rock Formation certainly held up to its name, all weird and twisty looking.  Makes one wonder why the Blood Raiders would be so interested in protecting it…

Mysterious Rock Formation – Natural Phenomenon – Angur

Before leaving the system, this circular construction at the Access gate also grabbed my attention.  Looking Amarrian in design, one can only imagine its purpose.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.46.17 pm.png
Circular Construction – Access Gate above Angur III

Access was a system full of Drifter activity, and the first I ahd seen of them for some time.  Apollo Tyrannos decided to make his presence known while I was visiting the Forgotten Amarr Outpost (These Amarr really aren’t doing a great job on remembering their stations are they).  Sadly couldn’t get a screenshot of Apollo – he was too busy getting himself tangled up in one of the Abandoned Stations nearby.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.54.03 pm.png
Abandoned Station – Forgotten Amarr Outpost – Access

The Unidentified Wormhole was next on the visitation list (cloaky time) and looks like I got there just in time.  Several minutes after I arrived, the wormhole disappeared, along with the Sleeper Thermoelectric Converters, Sleeper Multiplex Forwarders and Sleeper Linkage Structure (essentially what seems to be the things that keep the wormhole open for a period of time.

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To wrap up this visit to Access, Jove Observatory had the obligatory Autothysian Lancers on display (Cue the cries of “back in my day we called them Seekers”) as well as the dilapidated observatory itself (CCPls give us something about their role in all this drifter stuff).

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Finally it was time to enter the EVE constellation, home of the New Eden system and the EVE Gate.

The constellation itself is actually fairly deserted, although since Upwell began releasing their line of citadels, several have begun to crop up along the route.

Travelling through the systems Exit and Gateway bring you to Central Point, a system that branches off in several directions.  Of course no trip out this way is complete without a quick detour into Dead End to see the magnificent, yet ominous Black Monolith.

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New Eden is two jumps from Central Point, via Promised Land, and the view that greets you is truely spectacular.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.02.19 pm.png
Eve Gate – New Eden

Now for people not familiar with the lore, you cannot actually approach the Eve Gate (its about 3 light years away from New Eden’s sun), due to extreme electromagnetic turbulence that could rip ships apart if not careful.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.04.37 pm.png
Three Light Years Away

The Sisters of Eve, who are currently the main caretakers and researchers of the gate consider it a gateway to God, although “out of character” we know that it was through this wormhole that the original colonists from Earth and the Milky Way came through here prior to some catastrophic event that led to its closing.

And so concludes my first photo trip though a portion of the New Eden galaxy.  It has been a lot of fun finding new things that are actually always present.  I do have a few ideas of where to travel next, although with the Guardian’s Gala coming up in a few days, there is no way Kailii is going to miss out on the chance to fire off a few rounds at those Serpentis scumbags.


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