AAR – Every little bit helps

Kailii was bored. After returning to Squirrel Haven for a brief break from taking down the Serpentis menace, alarms were ringing with various Infrastructure Hubs and Territorial Claim Units reinforced by those dastardly Broski fellows and their Choas Theory Mercenaries.There was only one for it - Squirrel Squad AUTZ needed to form a ratting fleet. … Continue reading AAR – Every little bit helps


Character Post – Striking at the Serpent

Kailii decided it was time. She had sat around the station for too long, getting bogged down in all a mountain of paperwork, but at the same time feeling a general malaise about getting back into the pod. Her hanger of ships sat in the docking bay, untouched for months.World War Bee had done nothing … Continue reading Character Post – Striking at the Serpent