Character Post – Striking at the Serpent

Kailii decided it was time. She had sat around the station for too long, getting bogged down in all a mountain of paperwork, but at the same time feeling a general malaise about getting back into the pod. Her hanger of ships sat in the docking bay, untouched for months.

World War Bee had done nothing to excite her, with the capsuleer stories really just becoming a giant grudge match between a couple of factions to which Kailii had no particular ties to.

Even with the launch of the Upwell Consortium’s line of Citadels there wasn’t a lot going on that Kaillii wanted to do. She occassionally went out to mine, rat or probe down some data/relic sites, but her lone efforts didn’t appear to make a dint in improving the ADMs of whatever systems she was working.

Even with the arrival of Agony Empire’s former “Echo” Squadron into the alliance, Kailii just didn’t have any interest in attacking other capsuleers at the present time.

That was until news broke of the Serpentis “Corporation” developing technology that could change the face of New Eden. Kailii’s old enemy had reared its head once again and there was no way she was sitting this one out. Finally Kailii felt like she had purpose – protecting New Eden gave her a new found sense of direction.

Despite living out of 60M-TG for several months, Kailii knew the best way to get into this fight was to head back into Empire territory and to take out her favourite Serpentis hunting ship, a trusty old Myrmidon that had been through more than a few scrapes against the pirate scum.

The Scope Network began broadcasting a range of Serpentis sites, who along with their Angel Cartel allies became centred in Kailii’s crosshairs. She knew it would take her a while to reap any of the rewards on offer, but she didn’t mind. Emptying her hybrid turrents was all the reward she needed.


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