AAR – Every little bit helps

Kailii was bored. After returning to Squirrel Haven for a brief break from taking down the Serpentis menace, alarms were ringing with various Infrastructure Hubs and Territorial Claim Units reinforced by those dastardly Broski fellows and their Choas Theory Mercenaries.

There was only one for it – Squirrel Squad AUTZ needed to form a ratting fleet. It was time to get those Activity Defense Multipliers up and protect our home from serial trolls.

The fleet was set, Squirrel-Net pings went out and the fleet soon disembarked, setting course for UQY-IK.

All one of the ships in fleet made it easily to its destination, but with a distinct lack of pirates setting up in the system, it was time to attack the asteroid belts.

It was touch and go for a while. Sometimes Kailii’s ship lost half its shields from the evil Blood Raiders hanging out in system, but this was one fleet commander who was not to be deterred. She deftly commanded her arsenal of drones to take down the scourge and restore peace for the non-existant miners in the system.

Before long the smack talking started. The Blood Raiders had no response, but Kailii wasn’t to be deterred…she could almost taste their tears. Especially when she destroyed their ore carrying ships.

As the New Eden Cluster began to prepare for its daily blackout, the fleet set course for home. FC Kailii called it “Op Success”. The ADMs, while not getting above the threshold required to limit the Broski menace, edged ever closer to improvement.

It would not be long before the Blood Raiders became victim to the defence of Squerious yet agin.


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