Well that escalated quickly

Despite stepping away from Eve a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found myself still touching base with the community (some friendships are hard to leave behind). 
I watched in mild amusement as reddit got mad over changes to the play styles of the 1% of the 1% (just remember folks – real capsuleers would biomass if they were serious). 

I heard the howls of anger over ghost training get louder. 

And then I became disappointed at the unfair distribution of Fanfest ships by CCP. 

Fanfest was an amazing experience, and for a short while reinvigorated my love for Eve Online. But this was just another thing that served to highlight some of the negative aspects of the game. 

I paid for my ticket just like every other attendee and expected to be compensated equally (for fuck sake I flew half way across the world to get there). And yet here I am still waiting on a support ticket to be answered in the first place just to even be able to redeem mine. 

CCP definitely deserve to shoulder much of the blame in terms of the distribution model chosen , against the understanding of what “with the sale of every ticket” means to most people. 

But I also blame the players who continue to skirt the ethical boundaries of this game. Yes there are deliberate grey areas in this game – that’s what makes it unique and thrilling. But when you knowingly use exploits that go against the spirit of this game (ala ghost training) you ruin the experience for everyone. 

Yes I “left” two-ish weeks ago and I do intend to stay gone (at least for a little while – just like the Hotel California “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”). But I still love this game and remember fondly the time spent in it. 

My clone will revert back to Alpha status in just a few more days and it would be nice to sit in the ships I am entitled too before this happens. 


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