New Year Activities

Yep still on school holidays.  Teacher life is fantastic at times like this, however with kids returning in two weeks, my planning and prep will likely need to start up in the next week or so (plus there’s also the pupil free days before the unwashed heathens show up).

On the Eve front I’ve managed to go on a couple of Redemption Road roams with Greygal and have had plenty of fun in the process. The “Happy Newb Year” corvette/rookie ship fleet taking out a group of about 10 multi-boxed coercers was particularly memorable.

I’ve also had the tedious task of moving my station trading alt out of Amarr and on to a new region to try her luck.  The constant back and forth was made “pleasant” in that it gave me an opportunity to watch “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” on the other half of the screen.

Apparently there is some war going on in the south – something I couldn’t care less about to be honest.  I’ve essentially switched off from nearly all the major Eve news sources (, EN24, Crossing Zebras) in an effort to focus more on my own personal game for the time being (which largely consists of ship spinning in high sec anyway).

Outside of Eve, I’ve also found myself finally getting to work on some of my other hobbies that I don’t typically get to spend as much time on as I would like to.

Firstly there is my model railway setup, which now has its trackbed full laid and awaiting ballet to be added. I’ve also been able to hook up and solder all the wiring underneath the table to control all of the point motors from the control box.


Slowly coming together quite nicely.


Secondly I’ve been busy playing with my camera, working on a 365 project and blog.  This has meant getting outside (praise the sun) and trying to understand how all the damn settings work.

Photography practice – Brisbane, my home town

Of course there is a definite purpose behind this, and that is to be ready for our upcoming trip to Iceland, and of course Fanfest.

My wife and I got our tickets the as soon as we could after they were made available, since it coincided with our Easter school holidays (being teachers kinda limits when we can take our holidays and we don’t expect this perfect alignment to happen again anytime soon).

Accommodation and flights are all booked.  We will be arriving in Reykjavik on the Monday afternoon before fanfest and leaving the following Wednesday afterwards and are super excited to meet up with as many internet spaceship nerds as we can (oh and to see the sights of Iceland as well I suppose).

Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game…


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