The Pilgrimage to H4-RP4

The time is almost at hand - at the time of writing this, we are just over 24 hours away from beginning the pilgrimage from Brisbane, Australia (yay for 10.35pm flights). Assuming all goes well we will be touching down in Reykjavik around 3.40pm local time Monday afternoon. Good thing these things are being checked … Continue reading The Pilgrimage to H4-RP4


The Kyonoke Pit

To misappropriate a quote from "Flying High" (that's "Airplane" for my American friends), seems I picked the wrong day to quit winning Eve.  So a Kyonoke outbreak has been confirmed by the Caldari State as the cause of the mysterious deaths and subsequent quarantine in Myrskaa on Oijanen II. This is not good.  I remember … Continue reading The Kyonoke Pit