Photographing the Cosmos

At the beginning of last year I set myself a challenge, something I never thought I'd actually be able to accomplish. I began a 365 photography project. Take a photo everyday for a whole year. I'd always had a passing interest in photography but was really at the "beginner" level. I dusted off the dSLR … Continue reading Photographing the Cosmos


An Unexpected Expedition

It was meant to be a shake down cruise for the crew and capsuleer of the Celestial Being after so long away.  Fifteen jumps and the intention to investigate any cosmic signatures or anomalies that showed up on scan.  If it also meant taking out a few Serpentis goons along the way then all the … Continue reading An Unexpected Expedition

The Pilgrimage to H4-RP4

The time is almost at hand - at the time of writing this, we are just over 24 hours away from beginning the pilgrimage from Brisbane, Australia (yay for 10.35pm flights). Assuming all goes well we will be touching down in Reykjavik around 3.40pm local time Monday afternoon. Good thing these things are being checked … Continue reading The Pilgrimage to H4-RP4

Counting down the days

Usual story - work is giving me the opportunity to totally win at Eve.  And with only two weeks left I cannot wait to be on the plane and beginning my pilgrimage to Iceland. Coupled with waiting until after returning from Fanfest to get my computer fixed, I've taken to been watching things go down … Continue reading Counting down the days

Guardians of New Eden

So I'm still hanging out in the New Eden system, having had minimal time to log in since I got here.  But it seems I am no longer alone. With the Guardian's Gala kicking off, there was not one, nor two, but three Rendzvous Points in the system. Now Kailii has a long history with … Continue reading Guardians of New Eden

Abandoned Stations

Undocking in my Stratios, I recommenced my pilgrimage to the Eve Gate from Gergish, with the first sightseeing detour being the next system over in Imya. The Abandoned Research Outpost was different to those I had encountered previously in that there were actaully two stations present here.  Interestingly enough, this would not be the last, … Continue reading Abandoned Stations