The Pilgrimage to H4-RP4

The time is almost at hand – at the time of writing this, we are just over 24 hours away from beginning the pilgrimage from Brisbane, Australia (yay for 10.35pm flights).

Assuming all goes well we will be touching down in Reykjavik around 3.40pm local time Monday afternoon.

Good thing these things are being checked in – not entirely sure they’d last the trip in carry-on.

AUTZ care package

Before leaving though, I still had some unfinished business – I needed to view the Kyonoke Outbreak site at H4-RP4 (great name CCP), and see what the fuss was all about.

I had previous investigated Taisy to search for clues about Kyonoke, but alas there was no warpable location (despite the Caldari refusing to send the Pit into the sun years before – something that may have prevented this mess in the first place).

With my flight plan set to Postouvin, I began my in-game pilgrimage.  Most of it was fine, until I reached the point where I needed to traverse the lawlessness of Syndicate space.

The systems were incredibly quiet.  Except for the bubble on the outgate of 97X-CH.  I should know better than to warp gate to gate, however my stratios’ cloaking device gave me the false sense of safety, landing directly on top of a sabre…who had also just been caught in the bubble.

Panic ensued…ohshitohshitohshit…as I reversed course and managed to escape.

But it seems I was not the only one panicking, with the sabre pilot soon screaming in local about getting the fright of his life that I had landed on top of him.

After a bit of light banter (and lots of laughter on my end about the whole situation) we said our farewells.  I few minutes later I proceeded through the gate (gave him some time to bugger off completely) and continued my otherwise uneventful run to Postouvin.

There was some sightseeing along the way (I’ll save that for another day) but finally I got there…and found you cannot actually dock at the SoTC Keepstar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was surprised to see the proximity of H4-RP4 to the RP4 colony (btw I doubt people will complain about Icelandic death flu this year…not with Kyonoke going around).

A few mysteries are present that I’m hoping will be explained during the roleplay event (fuck yeah I intend to get involved…in between all of the sessions I would like to go to).  I’m especially curious about the reaper sitting idly by just near the colony.

Hope to catch up with as many of you all as possible.  Please come up and say hi –  I may/may not be the idiot trying to read everything upside down.


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