Treking to the Sisters

Sad news – the hard drive on my desktop computer failed a week ago.  And with Fanfest rapidly approaching, any spare money is being put aside to save for that instead.

Not all is lost though, as I am currently writing this on an old laptop that I have lying around.  Sure its not as powerful, but it still allows me to do a few administrative tasks such as get my PI and station trading back up to speed.

Also on my list is to do more work on Project Discovery – CCP’s announcement of its new citizen science project likely means its only a matter of time before the existing rewards potentially go away.

And so I set course to the nearest Sisters of Eve station, in this case Osmon, and began another trek across the cosmos.

(Apologies for the image quality – alas a nearly 10 year old macbook needs some “slightly” lowered settings)

Today’s travels took the Celestial Being through several systems in “The Forge”, the first system of note being New Caldari – current homeworld to the Caldari.

The presence of Caldari monument here stood as “An archaic reminder of the days of olde”

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.17.07 PM.png
Caldari Monument – New Caldari

Also in system was another cool site – a player build Sotiyo (X-Large) engineering complex in orbit around New Caldari Prime.

Sotiyo Engineering Complex – New Caldari Prime – New Caldari

Now at this point I should mention that right next door to New Caldari is Jita, a system definitely on my avoidance list for the time being, due in no small part to the Burn Jita event being operated by The Imperium.

Continuing on my yellow brick road, Josameto houses the Nugoeihuvi Information Center.

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The last system before arriving at the destination was Poinen – no, not Poitot, which happens to be the only named system in Syndicate.  Here, an Abandoned Mining Colony stood amongst a heap of debris – far more than some other abandoned colonies I had visited previously.

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So there you have it.  I will probably be staying in Osmon for a little while, gathering Analysis Kredits while real life work starts to pick up before the trek to Reykjavik.  I’ll still be around however – feel free to say hi.


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