Guardians of New Eden

So I’m still hanging out in the New Eden system, having had minimal time to log in since I got here.  But it seems I am no longer alone.

With the Guardian’s Gala kicking off, there was not one, nor two, but three Rendzvous Points in the system.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.26.45 pm.png
Guardian’s Gala Rendevous Point – New Eden

Now Kailii has a long history with the Serpentis (and by extension their “bodyguards” the Guardian Angels/Angel Cartel).  Having hunted them throughout Gallente territories, its safe to say that her standings with them are extremely hostile.

There was no way Kailii was going to pass up another opportunity to disrupt their business venture discussions.

The sites themselves were pretty straight forward compared to some other events in the past, and thats not a bad thing.  Three waves – 5 frigates, 5 cruisers, then 1 battlecruiser.  All Angel Cartel (Kinetic/Explosive), all easily taken down.  My reward – a few SKINS to add to my ever growing collection (No complaints here).

I’ll be setting off to my next destination in the next day or so – will probably head to Taisy to see what the heck is going on with this Kyonoke business.




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