The Kyonoke Pit

To misappropriate a quote from “Flying High” (that’s “Airplane” for my American friends), seems I picked the wrong day to quit winning Eve. 

So a Kyonoke outbreak has been confirmed by the Caldari State as the cause of the mysterious deaths and subsequent quarantine in Myrskaa on Oijanen II. This is not good. 

I remember reading the original chronicle a few years ago when I first started playing and getting hooked into the lore. At the time I just took it to be flavor for the games backstory. 

Long story short, the Kyonoke Pit is/was a Hyasyoda Corporation mining station in the Taisy system (guess where my next destination will be – watch this space). 

It appears that as they drilled deeper, the miners were exposed to an airborne “bio-speck” the ultimately attacked the victim’s nervous system causing pain and death. Even the emergency team sent to investigate, complete with full protective suits, quickly became infected and so a quarantine was initiated. 

Nows the part where it gets interesting. Although the Caldari police the site to prevent entry, seems a couple of ships did once break into the pit. Although the crew on one ship died due to exposure to the bio-speck (the ship was loaded up with the tasc mineral that was mined here in what may have been a diversion), another escaped- which I suspect is the prelude to the current outbreaks (the chronicle does mention the interest towards this bio-speck by terrorist groups). 

I guess only time will tell where this will lead. Given the proximity to Fanfest and the promise of attendees (of which I will be one of them) getting involved in the New Eden lore, I’m thinking this might be related. 

Until then – stay safe and be sure to avoid those bio-speck bloated space zombie corpses that are popping up everywhere. 


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