Abandoned Stations

Undocking in my Stratios, I recommenced my pilgrimage to the Eve Gate from Gergish, with the first sightseeing detour being the next system over in Imya.

The Abandoned Research Outpost was different to those I had encountered previously in that there were actaully two stations present here.  Interestingly enough, this would not be the last, or for that matter the most intriguing outpost I would encounter on this leg.

Twin Abandoned Stations – Abandoned Research Outpost – Imya
Depleted Station Battery – Abandoned Research Outpost – Imya

That honour went to a Ruined Structure in Djimame.  Nestled within yet another Abandoned Research Outpost (seriously do people not know how to decommision these things in an appropriate manner), this *rust-infested* structure seemed somewhat out of place, given its location within Amarr territory.

Ruined Station – Abandoned Research Outpost – Djimame

Not all of the sights on this leg however were to be found in deadspace pockets however.  On either side of the Antem-Djimame gates I came across another Ruined Station (shipping hazard much) and a hollow asteroid.

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And so I’m going to leave it there for today.  I’ve made it into Low Security space, which as usual is completely deserted.  I have never ceased to be amazed at how few people are active in this region.  Maybe its wishful thinking, but perhaps even the pirates are respectful of those who wish to witness the Eve Gate and therefore leave them alone.

Either way it makes for peaceful stroll through the area.


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