Returning to a New Project in New Eden

After some time away from New Eden, I’m slowly beginning to dip my toes back into the capsule.  It’s also an opportunity to re-think what this blog means to me.

As it stands, this past month has seen me reexamine the “real world” around me, having embarked on a 365 photo project (ie the aim is to take a photo everyday).  With the itch to finally start flying internet spaceships kicking in though, it has felt inevitable that some of this RL project was going to creep into my Eve play time.

It began as I am usually want to do upon my return after a break,by jumping into one of my favourite ships, this time it was my Stratios, undocking from Dodixie and any running high sec anomalies a happen to run across.

I knew I needed to get back the thrill of exploration and soon decided that a pilgrimage to the Eve Gate was in order, even though I have visited it twice before.  While I didn’t quite make it there today, I will be there make it there next time I log in.

However, upon jumping into Girani-Fe I noticed a beacon.   I had visited these sorts of places before, all throughout the galaxy.  But until today I never felt compelled to keep track of them, to really keep a record of where I had really been (weird considering I typically like to think of myself as an explorer).

And so I have chosen to embark on a project to better catalogue my travels.  My aim is to ensure I get some decent screenshots of monuments/beacons/sightings that I see throughout New Eden

This is by no means going to be in line with the amazing undertakings of Mark726 (Eve Travel / Lore Survival Guide) or Katia Sae (Sagan Explorations / Signal Cartel), merely an opportunity to better share the wonders of New Eden that I happen to come across.

So without further ado, here are the results of Kailii’s adventures through Girana-Fe, Madomi and Gergish.

As mentioned before, this project suddenly came to life upon entering Girana-Fe in the Genesis region.  The presence of a Quarantined Blood Raider Sanctuary was intriguing enough that it warranted a visit.

With the quarantine in place, it was interesting to see there were no ships, CONCORD or otherwise guarding it, merely the usual beacon providing ships a warp in point to the area.

The only remnants of this former sanctuary were an outpost, which was itself surrounded by a field of debris.  One can only imagine what went on here.

The next system to explore was Madomi, home to an abandoned mining colony.  Now these are likely to be a frequent occurance in New Eden, but I am always amazed at how eager the pirate factions are to defend sites such as these.  I guess the “abandoned” tag is a bit of a misnomer…

Today’s journey concluded with Gergish.  As with my previous trips to the Eve Gate, this system has acted as a half-way point before leaping into the nearby low sec systems.  However, for the first time I noticed not one, but two beacons in my overview that definitely needed investigation.

First up was a Forgotten Amarr Outpost, home to to a Forsaken Mining Depot (as well a a couple of Blood Raider defenders).

It was also interesting to note the presence of Caroline’s Star in the background.  It seems so long ago that this thing way off in the distance led to a myriad of changes that resulted in the Jove exiting New Eden space, the Drifters beginning to show their faces and ultimately the death of Empress Jamyl Sarum.  I guess time will tell whether these storylines will be further explored or developed as I do remember this period of time being a true Golden Age for Eve lore.

The Abandoned Research Post was my last stop, and was perhaps the most interesting of all those I visited today.  After flying as a capsuleer for about 3.5 years, I cannot recall coming across an Amarr structure such as this.

And that about wraps it up for this outing.  It has certainly been quite fun taking note of the wonders out there.  After the “excitement” of last year, this is the change of pace I have been needing (until other opportunities arise anyway).  With a bit of luck, next time I will be blogging from the Eve Gate, the bright, shiny spectacle that it is.


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