All was quiet at the Ammatar Consulate Bureau.  Held in geosynchronous orbit around moon 19 of Planet VI, the station was set to be the staging post for an upcoming Redemption Road fleet comprising of capsuleers with varying allegiences, although it would still be a few hours before the pilots began trickling in.

The peace and quiet provided the perfect opportunity for Kailii to meet up with one of her operatives working out in the low-security regions.

They met up in a small bar on the Promenade and once drinks had been ordered, it was time to get up to speed on the details of what had been going on.

“As much as I like to get in contact with you Katalinia, I’m not normally one for taking risks such as these.”

“Relax Kailii, I’ve taken all necessary precautions.  Sure I could’ve vid conferenced with you on the Neocom but considering my piracy ways, I doubt I’ll be able to stay in Empire space for much longer.  Plus it also gave me a chance to catch up on the latest Scope news – bit hard to get a decent broadcast link when you’re trying to keep a low profile.”

“From the news I heard, that Keepstar in M-OEE8 was fully armed and operational, despite the fact that people had attempted to sabotage it in the lead up.  That aside, I got your report.  Seems like you’ve found some potential new ISK streams, although it might take a while for it to pay out.  Not all offline starbases are going to actually have anything of value you realise.”

“True, although it is helping me gain a better understanding of how to use the Directional Scan and tracking down objects in space.”

“Agreed.  I must admit the report has coupled nicely with some work I’ve done recently researching how to use the combat probes.  It helped me to begin finding new homes for lost drones.”

“Glad to be of some help. In other news Kailii, I’ve heard a rumour you’ve been getting involved in some sort of shakedown operation.”

“Word sure does travel.  It’s not quite as it seems.  Some Impetus executive, Roineron Aviviere waved me down as I was leaving Dodixie the other week.  Needed some help transporting a Gallente Senator’s son to some big holoreel shoot.  I had a moment of weakness and agreed to help.”

Kailii continued to explain the situation, whereby the Senator’s son, Ralie Ardenne was soon kidnapped by Minmatar rebels, the Pator 6.  She was able to track them down (with many explosions ensuing), and soon was following further leads that ultimately lead to a “shakedown” of a Minmatar shanty town on the outskirts of Gallente space.  Although Kailii did not like the methods “suggested” by her agent at the time, Mourmarie Mone, it did eventually provide further leads to a Pleasure Hub run the “The Ringmaster”.

“So how is Ralie going?”

“No idea.  I’m still on the trail.  Although it’s beginning to look like the Intaki Syndicate were behind all of this.  In fact I’m hoping to get back onto the investigation as soon as I’ve finished this Redemption Road job.”

And with that the two capsuleers finished their drinks and went their separate ways.  Kailii returned to her quarters to make the final preparations for upcoming fleet.



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