The Blood-Stained Stars – An Alpha Clone Detective Story (Part 1)

Since the victory over the drifter hive, I’d moved myself into the lawlessness of low security space.  Hanging out with the low-life degenerate pirate capsuleers, and loving every moment of it.  While I was quickly learning to look after myself, it was also starting to take its toll on my wallet.

Thats when she came onto the neocom.

A nun named Alitura.

She claimed to represent some humanitarian group calling themselves the “Sisters of EVE”.  Seemed they needed some help…and I needed their ISK.

Arnon wasn’t too far from my low-sec base and soon after docking in the Sisters’ station I went seeking Alitura.  Oddly enough, she was at the bar.

“Don’t look so surprised, I’m not that sort of nun,” she said following introductions while handing me a  glass of the bar’s less-dodgy spirits.

“No shit, so what’s the job Sister.”

“Not so fast, you’re one of them capsuleers who doesn’t give two shits about the lives of others, how do I know I can trust you?”

“Well at the moment it looks like I’m the only help you’ve got.  I can quite happily leave you with your little problem if you prefer.”

A bluff, sure, but thankfully she doesn’t call me out on it.

“Fine.  We recently received a distress signal from a ship calling itself the Damsel.”

A damsel in distress…you’ve got to be fucking kidding me

“And I’m guessing you want me to check it out for you.”

“That’s right.  Its last recorded location was in Manarq.  I’ll send the relevant coordinates to your neocom.”

And with that, I finished my drink, boarded my pod and corvette and set course for the last recorded location of the Damsel.

Set midway between the wrecks of a Matari Nagalfar and Amarrian Revelation, the Damsel’s wreckage was exactly where the ship was supposed would be.  Insignificant in size compared to the dreadnaughts, I approached the wreckage and could tell I had not been the first here.  Nor did it look like the Damsel had been fired on.  This was looking very suspicious.

Alitura’s face soon graced my neocom and informed me that CONCORD had already been at the scene and had rescued several survivors.  Sadly, it didn’t seem like anyone had bothered to question any of them.  Guess it was up to me to begin rounding them up.

“Go speak to Tevis Jak over in the Tar system.  He’s a CONCORD agent, but he’ll be able to point towards where we can begin looking.”

*To be continued*



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