The drifter attack had taken the fleet by surprise, and Katalinia was left floating in a tiny corvette-class ship in amongst the ruins.  Where They came from she didn’t know, only that she was grateful to still be alive.  Adrift and unaware of what to do next, but alive.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 7.07.51 pm
Rekt Erebus

Katalinia had only just commenced her training after she had been approached by several agents of one of the immortal capsuleers.  It sounded like a dream come true, and with the Federation opening up capsuleer training to everyone she naturally jumped on board.

What’s that…a voice.  Fleet Commander Torelle.

Katalinia recalls seeing his face on the viewscreen prior to launch.  She was meant to be heading to the academy for training.

Yes, she was all Torelle had to work with.

Rescue the survivors.  One of them is an agent for the Sisters of Eve.  Katalinia had heard of them before – apparently, she had them to thank for the technology enabling her to commence capsuleer training in the first place.

Crap, Seekers are searching the wreckage.  Approach, lock, orbit, fire, KABOOM!  Thanks Aura.

Warp drive…active.  Calm reassurance that her ship is functional and Katalinia is soon docked up safely in station.

Nope – go build a data analyzer.  OK.

The Sisters have been doing research they don’t want the others to know about.  Katalina retrieves an unknown cypher from an outpost and sets off an alarm to the drifters.  Time to GTFO.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 8.56.49 pm
That doesn’t look good

“OK recruit – looks like you can handle yourself.  Time to meet the rest of the fleet.”  Torelle seems to take a liking to Katalinia’s style.  So he bloody well should – he’s not the one out there risking his neck in a corvette.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.40.40 pm
A City in the Heavens

So it turns out that the cypher was the thing the Federation needed to take the fight to the Drifters.  At least Torelle decides to upgrade the corvette to an Incursus.  The thing looks like a shoe, one that Katalinia is eager to wear.  Oh and she makes sure to fit that Stasis Webifier…might come in handy.

Time to head over – the fleet is already engaging the enemy.

New Player Experience
Totally not an ominous sight at all
New Player Experience
Tiny Ship

Sweet mother of Bob.  That hive thing is huge.  And it’s turning people into machines.  Time to destroy all the things.  Firstly, keep the seekers away from the main fleet.  Secondly, avoid the debris getting sucked into the giant swirly thing.

New Player Experience
Giant Swirly thing

Oh dear, the poor souls on board that Ninazu.  Captured a week ago by the drifters.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.21.06 pm Katalinia thanked her lucky stars she followed that Sisters agent’s advice and installed a stasis webifier.  Even though it took ages for her to cross the battlefield even with the afterburner on, Katalinia’s webifier certainly looked like it helped turn the tide of battle. Approach, lock, orbit, fire.  KABOOM!!!

New Player Experience

Now the time has come to put this hive out of commission.  Katalinia flies to its centre and begins to open fire. Pewpewpew…pewpewpew Torelle is back on comms – WTF dude. “I’m pulling the forces back, this is your moment of glory.  Thank you for sacrificing yourself.” At what point was he going to warn me of this little stunt, Katalinia says to no one in particular.  Oh well, time to learn if this cloning technology actually works. The hive is down.


New Player Experience
The hive is down


Explosions begin appearing all the way along it until a giant flash appears in front of Katalinia’s eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.35.40 pm


Full capsuleer status awarded.  Time to begin the next adventure.


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