Forward Financial Planning

The station was buzzing, with events happening thick and fast. No sooner had Kailii sat down at the table with her Quafe  than she saw security agents hauling away yet another soul trying to spruik some capsuleer-run casino.

Watching the entrance to the bar, Kailii soon spotted the arrival of Tiala, her financial planner. With a quick wave of her hand, Kailii signalled to Tiala who began to make her way across the room.

“Nice of you to finally show up,” Kailii stated as she took a quick swig of her drink and signalled for the waitress to come over.

“Yeah, things are starting to get pretty crazy around here in case you haven’t noticed.”

“So I saw.  What was all that about?”

“Seems the powers that be have decided to outlaw certain forms of gambling.  No one seems to know the exact reason why, although there is a short amnesty many of these organisations to wrap up their operations.”

“Hmmm, wonder if it’s linked to reports surrounding an upcoming CONCORD Special Session.  Seems there are rumblings the AG12 office is keeping busy.”

The waitress showed up with two more bottles of Quafe, which Kailii and Tiala thanked her for before moving onto business.

“Alright Tiala, what’s the state of our finances?”

“In one word, stagnant.  We’ve had difficulty following the markets for a while now and it’s getting to the point where it might be worth scraping the operation here and trying a new venture.  Although we are exploring some new tools that were recently released that may assist.”

“I noticed the losses on the Geckos.  Damn shame but I guess no one saw that coming.  What about the other revenue streams?  Didn’t we provide capital to commence some regional trading and industrial work?”

“Yeah and sadly the time requirements and ability to manage are slightly out of our ability to pursue at this stage.  We’d love to invest more in these areas but with such a small scale operation there is only so much we can do.”

“Considering how difficult it’s been for me to get out and take care of things on my end I can understand the position you guys are coming from.  Heck, I can barely find interest in going after those Blood Raiders this year.  Although the limited amount of work I’ve been able to carry out in Providence is helping a little.”

“That’s good news.  I guess you could also pull the ISK from Eve-Bet too.  They’ll be closing as well with the new laws.”

“True.  It will be sad to see New Eden’s Premier Sports Betting Website wrap up, but the ISK injection will get us some more ships.  But to be honest I am also feeling the exploration itch take hold again.  Haven’t taken the Celestial Being wormhole diving for a while.”

“That’s your Stratios right? Well whatever happens, make sure you keep us in the loop.  Hopefully we can get operations back up to scratch soon.  Maybe once you’ve had that meet up with the other pilots who like to fly upside down we can meet up again and discuss how we can better structure our operations.”

“Sounds like a plan.  Thanks for meeting with me Tiala.  Gotta say though, reckon we can find an alternate system to meet in next time.  Was interesting trying to dock up, with people trying to get me to get into a Rifter while they attempted to put jams on me from a Griffin.  Seems like people are exploring new ways to double my ISK.”



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