Witnessing History

Even though she was a true Gallente citizen, Kailii felt it was only proper to attend the public reception for the newly crowned Empress Catiz I of House Tash-Murkon.  This was her chance to witness a moment in history that had been coming for nearly a year since the news of Empress Jamyl’s death at the hands of the Drifters.

Kailii knew she had to choose her ship carefully, something that would respect the Amarrians but still continue to retain her proud Gallante heritage – she settled on her Stratios, named “Celestial Being” for its ability to get lost in its wanderings through New Eden.  A ship that required Amarr and Gallente skills to successfully pilot.

“Celestial Being”

The Scope provided several interesting news pieces and nearby Minmatar colleagues were astonished to hear the news of Sanmatar Shakor making his attendance.  What this means for the future remains to be seen, although accounts seemed to indicate “jovial discussions” took place.

The Royal inspection of the Honour Guard above the city of Dam-Torsad appeared well received by fellow capsuleers, with nearly 3000 pilots registering on the Neocom display.  Those loyal to the Amarr made their pledges to serve the new Empress, while those who opposed her were swiftly dealt with by agents of The Order of St Tetrimon and a number of capsuleers.

Imperial Honour Guard waiting above Dam-Torsad

Naturally, getting back into the pod to witness this event made Kailii itch to get back into space.  After a short stint reviewing her flight controls, she set course for Providence, where the “Squirrels” (Affirmative.) had taken up residence with Apocalypse Now.  The honour of NRDS was appealing, and with various battles taking place nearby was sure to provide plenty of action to satisfy any capsuleers need for explosions.



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