Dealing with a Post-Querious Slump

A swirling maelstrom of Bureaucratic nightmares had kept Kailii out of her pod for almost two months. Swept away with the sheer volume of mundane work, what little energy she had remaining was spent on a few rounds of mindclash*.  There was just no way she had the energy to jump into a ship and fly around the cosmos.

She was also feeling disillusioned following the alliance’s departure from Querious. The fight club had been going well, and with the Imperium poised to move into Delve, excitement at the time was high with the prospect that they would finally get to fight the “goons”.

But alas it was not meant to be. Soon various parties Affirmative and the QFC had looked up to began there backhanded manipulations. Turns out they didn’t want to give the goons “content” and instead wanted all the fun/tears for themselves. The”sandcastle”, so to speak, was swiftly kicked down and the evacuation from Squirrel Haven commenced in earnest.

Emotions ran high during the lead up to the evacuation. Many wanted to stay, to give one last hoorah and a massive middle finger to those that wanted the QFC out. Everyone knew it would be futile and inevitably soul destroying – indeed there there were many emotionally charged debates – but they didn’t care. In the end though common sense prevailed and alliance leadership explored options post Querious.

With the exit from Querious finalised, Kailii returned to her roots – running missions for the Sisters of Eve (she was in the market for a new exploration  Stratios). The change of pace was great and less stressful than defending sovereignty, but still time consuming amongst other duties that eventually contributed to her current perma-docked status.

Leadership eventually struck a deal with Providence leadership to go hang out in their space, which renewed interest for most.  An interesting turn of events to be sure and one that Kailii was keen to get involved in at some point in the near future.

Meanwhile, even though Scope reports of Amarr groups protesting the upcoming coronation of Catiz Tash-Murkon barely registered on Kailii’s d-scan, rumors of new cloning technology on the horizon and a wide expanse of space still to explore, her reluctance to get back into the pod may, quite possibly, be over soon.
*OOC Note: Replace mindclash with developing a model train layout, assembling a Gunpla model or generally needing less stressful activities following an extremely hectic teaching term at school.

**EveDownUnder is coming up in about two months time – cannot wait to hang with “My People” and talk Eve for a whole weekend with fellow space nerds


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