Embarking on a (New) New Eden Career

Hear endeth the holiday – work starts back tomorrow which means my eve time will begin to slow down a little.  Not that I can’t keep following the goings on and so forth – there is a serious over abundance of things happening that there’s always a new development.

That said, from my POV it seems to typically consist of someone from Imperium walking out/leaking logs and the Money Badger Coalition getting all excited that their tear collection cups get a little fuller.

But alas, while these things are happening elsewhere in New Eden (and our alliance is remaining neutral), I’ve been embarking on working through our Alliance systems, getting back into the swing of exploration – my favourite in game activity.  Its simple enough, and after a long day doesn’t take a lot of brain power, just got to keep an eye on local and/or dscan as appropriate.

On top of this in recent days, I remembered I had a PI alt that has sat there languishing amongst uncollected Guidance Systems.  This was a character created a year or so ago back when CCP gave out 21 days of free skill training.  I go through bouts of interest with it, but after a few weeks I tend to tire of it and forget to keep following up on it.

However a thought struck me yesterday that this alt didn’t necessarily need to stay as solely a PI alt, that with the newly developed skill injectors she could become whatever I wanted her to become – hence I am now (attempting) to start into T2 industry.

A single skill injector got me most of the skills I needed to begin researching T2 blueprints (just needed to swap my skill training to this character to get the last 3 days worth of SP) and the blueprints I am thinking of using have already begun training up the ME/TE stats while I also wait.

Steve Ronuken’s Fuzzwork website has got me started on some of the basic costings etc – here’s hoping with time I can start to work on my own spreadsheets etc to better develop what I’m doing.  One small problem though…

I have *some* basic experience with spreadsheets, and have tried to teach myself some basic coding in the past but alas never get too far with it.  And most of my reading into “Eve spreadsheets” just feel like a foreign language (which lets face it – coding is the umbrella term to describe “computer languages”) which makes it a little hard to follow at times (even when working with pre-established examples).

I guess like learning anything, it just takes time, practice, and patience (like I tell my students at times – although teachers do make the worst students).


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