Getting back into the fight

The last month or so has been busy quiet – busy with work (my senior students dealing with assessment) but not much happening for me Eve wise.  Our alliance has settled in nicely into the Squerious fight club but sadly I’ve not had much opportunity to get out and about.  That said, Detective Poitot wrote an excellent review on EveNews24 of some of the recent drama that we went through and I’m sure more will be released soonTM.

And then the war started…while I was on holidays in Melbourne.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have traded this holiday for anything, however there was some frustration at watching New Eden burn while I wasn’t there to join in at the time.

Holiday Snaps

But now I’m back and have been getting into fleets.  While Affirmative is remaining “neutral”, we are still NPSI, and as such shoot whatever the FC tells us to shoot.

With a second week of school holidays, I was able to make a Sunday Sinners roam with Greygal. After roaming for two-ish hours, we made our way to third party a sov timer to help Phoebe Freeport Republic (a fellow member of the Squerious Fight Club) against Darwinism/Bergmann Federation from encroaching on their territory.  After annihilating the enemy (and hearing about them raging that the Fight Club teamed up against them), we finished the roam with a 1.6B ISK Eos kill, which was flying solo.

And then tonight I went and joined Mangala Solaris on his return to FCing with his new AUTZ friendly roams.  Now I’ve never really enjoyed low sec roams but tonight was different.  Tonight was FUN!!! With 30+ members in fleet, the restraint shown to only place EWAR on a target initially to get everyone on the kill mail was incredible.

Then we made our way to Saranen, the current Goonswarm staging system, to which we were greeted by one of the best trolls I have seen in a long time

The fights here were fantastic, and the several kills we got were delicious.  Especially when the Command Destroyer used to blink them away from the station was bought FROM THEIR STATION!!  Talking to one of the GSF carrier pilots afterwards, he mentioned how he face palmed at this Devoter kill.

But the final kill of the night was a 1.4B ISK Nightmare, which was played out like a “cat and mouse” game for some time before he was finally tackled.

All in all, these couple of days have been a major thrill and something I’ve not had a chance to do for a long time.  Here’s hoping the fun times continue (which I’m sure is likely considering the number of people logging on these days).



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