The squirrels have moved to null sec!!

Nearly a month ago our alliance began preparing for upheaval.  Affirmative was about to become a null sec entity, joining the Queries Fight Club in the YB7B-8 constellation as another group prepared to move on.

Virtually everyone in the alliance was happy with the move and we couldn’t get things moving fast enough.  Soon the outpost was handed over and 60M-TG became known as “Squirrel Haven”.  And then Querious became Squerious!

(It should be noted that the system name did amuse some of us by the fact that you need a minimum of 60 cards in a Magic: The Gathering deck.  CCP trolling FTW?!?)

Since then, logging on to New Eden has become fun again (sadly as RL has become more hectic – as always) and we have definitely had our fill of content so far.  Teamspeak has become filled with a multitude of voices, and standing fleet is regularly engaged with passing groups.  I’ve even managed to score my first kill mark while camping out Pandemic Horde.

Agony’s Echo Squad have even taken to regular flights through our little patch in Squerious during AUTZ, with many good fights to be had.  My favourite moment had to be mining in a procurer (yes sad but true) in the next system over from Squirrel Haven when the Agony scout jumps into system and immediately lands in my pocket – before I get a chance to react (I was aligned out and everything).  I was instantly pointed and unable to move.

Once the initial “HOLY SHIT I’M ABOUT TO DIE” passed, a quick call on comms brought the cavalry running.  Not only did my procurer hold out until they got there, but it did so while waiting for people to undock, warp to the gate, change their mind on what ship to bring (SQUIRREL), go back to station, dock, change ship, undock, warp again, jump THEN WARP to me.   A few cycles of jams from the trusty suicide griffin and the procurer was away (Bob was still satiated – a few of my rescue party died but meh).

It was such a fun fight and the bait procurer has now been the topic of conversation on several occasions.

Cannot wait for the next round of fun to begin…once I stop working on Project Discovery…



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