Its the DCU, but not as we know it

A few days ago CCP Fozzie dropped a whole swag of information regarding the next round of module tiericide. Along such interesting tidbits where things like ECCM being rolled into sensor boosters and warp scramblers gaining a warp core strength of +3 (meaning WCS will be a lot less useful). But the one change that really grabbed my attention was the fact that damage control units will be going passive.

Now this change to DCUs has been on CCP Fozzie’s list for some time, having first heard of his desire to make it so around 2 years ago – it was never a matter of if this happened but when.

For my part I welcome the changes being made to DCUs (including reducing the hull bonus), however I am also somewhat sad about the changes simply due to the nostalgia that an active DCU has brought in its time.  For as long as I can remember, certain members of our alliance have become the basis of a running joke due to there inability to push the button that was at one time affectionately referred to as “the suitcase”.

This running joke formed the basis of one of our ATXII ads last year.  The ads themselves were meant to be short PSAs to help players, and now one of them looks like it has outlived its usefulness.

I should also point out that this is not the first time Affirmative Alliance has involved itself with things relating to the DCU.  In fact if you look at our logo (made just in time for AT last year) you’ll notice the good old suitcase icon being carried by the squirrel.  The logo was itself designed AFTER the icon was changed to its more “sci-fi like” image.  I guess you could say it was our little way of staging a mini-protest to the change, and a way of keeping a piece of in-game history alive.

Affirmative Squirrel

As a side note – one player who would always stubbornly fit a DCU just so it could sit unused flipped out at the news and threatened to quit as a result.  And here we were thinking he had paid off CCP.




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