So long, and thanks for all the Dust

Note: maintaining a regular schedule of posting stuff is hard – especially now that school has started back (and teaching at a new school this year as well).  I’m hoping to eventually get back into some sort of regular pattern soonTM.

I’m not not much of a FPS player but I’ll usually give them a go from time to time. And so it was I signed up for DUST514 about 18 months ago.  It was an interesting concept with the allocation of skill points etc just like in Eve. It was by no means perfect and a new player like myself (who isn’t very good at FPS games to start with) could often feel out of their league very quickly…when there were sufficient people on the map that is. 

Sadly my career as a Dust need was short lived due to my PS3 dying not long after. 

While I am a little disappointed I never got the chance to delve more deeply into the game (by all accounts it had started to improve on a number of fronts), I am excited about the prospect of this new game that will be shown off at Fanfest (the Dust/not Dust, Legion/not Legion PC FPS game). 

It also begs the question of what will happen to all of those Dust Mercs when the game finishes. While it would be nice for them to transition across to the new game in some format, I really don’t see that as being an option (heck I doubt the game will be in a state to be released any time in the near future anyway). 

For me, a somewhat grim yet satisfying end would be something of the lines where Dust Mercs lose the ability to get new clones (i.e. they all die). It could be chalked up to the fact that their implants  responsible for the memory transfer at the instant of death (and which are based on sleeper technology) have somehow begun to malfunction or are in some way compromised in some way that relates to the ongoing Drifter events going on around New Eden (which given the recent chronicles surrounding these two entities could be quite plausible). 

If nothing else I do hope CCP have a plan to incorporate this into the ongoing storyline/s that have been developing. It would be quite the loss and quite the injustice if they didn’t. 



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