Continuing Upwell’s assault on the Serpentis

I’ll preface this by saying that while I enjoy the lore in Eve and follow it as closely as I can, I am in no way an expert (I’ll leave that to the likes of Hydrostatic, Mark726 and Rhavaas) and am likely to make a complete mash of things when discussing it.  With that disclaimer, here we go:

As a Gallente player, I’ve always had a thing agains the Serpentis.  Perhaps its their illicit drug productions or their mafia like ties but I generally enjoy taking them on when ratting.  The fact that they have familial ties to the Sisters of Eve makes things all the more interesting but thats a discussion for another time.

This of course all leads into the recent goings on with the Upwell Consortium/Mordu’s Legion attacks on the Serpentis following from their theft of Upwell property.  The Frostline activities were fun, although I never got more than the same Serpentis shirts and a can of Quafe from each site I ran. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more Scope reports or in-game news articles about how things were going (maybe I expected more than what CCP had indicated when they said there would be lots of stuff happening in relation to Operation Frostline – although we did also get the incredible chronicle “Inheritance” by CCP Delegate Zero).

That said, I am pleased to see that even though Operation Frostline is over, the attacks on Serpentis are not yet over.  By finally undocking the “Celestial Being” for the first time in a while, I’ve begun collecting “Research Components” from Serpentis exploration sites.  These are supposedly being collected by Upwell to help construct the first Astrahaus (medium) citadel, although I haven’t decided whether to hand them in directly, or to pass them onto Consortium Operations, who are aiming to deposit a large quantity of them.  There are supposedly prizes for those capsuleers who contribute the most, however I doubt I will be anywhere near able to compete with the bigger players out there.

However, while I am pleased to help keep the Serpentis in check, things still don’t quite sit well with me about the sudden rise to power that the Upwell Consortium has had recently, an unease that became even more heightened at the conclusion of the recent chronicle “Inheritance” when Raish began inquiring about them.  I guess only time will tell.



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