Race to the finish

A little under a week to go before I start back at work and it’s becoming a bit of a mad rush to fit in all those things I had hoped to get done (house jobs aside).

On the Eve front, I’ve been busy maintaining my station trading and updating my portfolio of items.  One “neat” tool I’ve recently rediscovered is N.E.A.T., which is helping to identify the well performing stocks, and those that are underperforming.  Other than that I’ve been gearing up for some upcoming events which I’ll likely talk about in a future post.

Outside of Eve I’ve been busy catching up on TV shows and some other games that I had missed in recent times.  In the last couple of days my wife and I finally got around to watching “Ant-Man” (lots of fun) and “The Dark Knight Rises” (hadn’t seen it before but really enjoyed how it rounded out the trilogy).  We also got around to finally finishing “Jessica Jones” on Netflix – it started really well but got way to dragged out in the end and not nearly as self-contained as season 1 of “Daredevil” was.  Still trying to get around to seeing the latest Mad Max and possibly some form of anime (got a few sitting there on my Netflix list)

I’ve also been busy playing “Starcraft 2:Wings of Liberty”.  Although I’d played it when it first came out, I hadn’t played any of the expansions since.  Seeing as I just recently picked up “Heart of the Swarm”, I figured I’d go back to refresh my memory of the storyline.

And no holiday would be complete without having a fantastic book to catch up on – in this case I’m working through “The Reality Dysfunction” by Peter F. Hamilton.  I love science fiction epics and had read one of his later series before this (the “Commonwealth Saga”).  The thing that I really like about his writing is how refreshing it is to read sci-fi written from a British/European centric perspective as opposed to the many US authors out there that incorporate many US attitudes into their worlds.  It the first book the Night’s Dawn trilogy whose plot has frequently changed course as I got further into the story.  Looking forward to the remainder of the series.

Fly freely.


2 thoughts on “Race to the finish

  1. I think that Peter Hamilton’s larger epics tend to smother their plots – the plots are interesting, but they are so drawn out! At the same time, he does have interesting plots, and he has done a lot of creative world building, so I’m still a sucker for his books.

    And I really like his ‘Greg Mandel’ (aka ‘Event Horizon’) trilogy.


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