How a rookie mistake opened new doors.

About 18 months ago I finally earned enough ISK to buy my first battleship (a Dominix) and begin running level 4 missions.  As a relatively new player at the time I thought this was fantastic.  I fitted it up (all T1 and meta mods – I was still a newbro after all) and went off to Apanake to run security missions for the Sisters of Eve.

The next day, I had someone enter my mission area, and attack my mobile depot.  And despite knowing it would be a stupid decision, I proceeded to attack and subsequently lose my prized battleship.

Long story short, a fellow capsuleer soon herd of my plight and graciously donated enough ISK for me to get back upon my feet.  To say I was ecstatic at the time is an understatement, since I was never really one for the whole “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” mantra and knew it would take a while to earn back enough ISK to fly another Dominix.

I definitely learned a lot from the whole experience.  Sure I’ve lost a lot more ships since then, making equally rookie mistakes in equally expensive ships (e.g. my first Stratios on the undock in a 0.0 system – built from a blueprint cashed in from the LP store), but this incident really got me moving along the path from remaining a single player in the game to realising how much better the game was when interacting with other players.

It was probably the catalyst that eventually motivated me to join Brave – working with a group of other capsuleers to achieve a common goal.  I’ve also endeavoured to pay forward the kindness and generosity afforded me by this random stranger wherever I can.

Why do I bring all this up? Well yesterday saw me participate in a Redemption Road Introduction to FC seminar.  And just as we began to undock, who should open convo with me other than the stranger who helped me get back on my feet.  A fun little moment, when the newbro he helped all that time ago had stuck around in New Eden and was now beginning to take on the great adventure.

It really was an awesome moment and showed just how fantastic this game and the community really are.

Fly freely.


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