Hectic Holidays

Its interesting going through my Facebook feed and watching the constant stream of overseas holiday updates from “acquaintances” travelling overseas.  There are times when FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) might begin to work its way into ones psyche, but then I think about all the amazing cool stuff that has happened over my holiday thus thus far (with another week and a half to go – perks of being a teacher)

To start with my wife and I moved back to Brisbane (and bought our first house) after a four year stint of me teaching in rural schools.  This meant a mad rush to get everything unpacked and settled in as part of the lead up to Christmas (and 35 boxes of IKEA flat pack to assemble…BY HAND).

This has meant that the last two weeks have been spent trying to get out and about, catching up with family and so on.  That also includes spending the last two days digging up a new garden bed (digging up an area covered in loose pebbles, setting up the edging, aerating the soil underneath and shovelling 1m3 of new topsoil).  Who needs a gym membership after all of that…

Even though I’m not getting my internet spaceships out of the station often as I would like, I’d like to think that part of the reason is also because I’m picking up long forgotten hobbies that for one reason or another have fallen by the wayside over the last few years.  The main one of these is getting my model train set up and running.  I’ve waited nearly six years to finally have a decent amount of space for a permanent set up, and plan on this being a “long term” project.

I’ve also started making headway on my “learn to code” goal, beginning with working through the lessons on Codecademy.  Haven’t learned too much that I didn’t already know from my previous tinkering but I’m sure once I go further down the rabbit hole things will get more interesting.

So reflecting on everything accomplished so far these holidays I must say I am ecstatic to have been able to get through what I have.  I’m having one of the best holidays I’ve had for a long time and its primarily down to getting back to the things that I missed doing.  Here’s hoping I can continue them once I start back at school (well starting at a new school anyway).

Fly freely


PS – The Nightwish concert on Thursday night was fricken awesome!!!

PPS – I think a Facebook “acquaintance” cleanup (culling) might be in order soon…

PPPS – Happy Birthday Roy Batty!!!

PPPPS (last one I promise) – Eve Online: Progress – amazing video


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