ISK making during times of war

“P I R A T has declared war on Affirmative”, or so the notification read.  While some people would typically go into a panic during war time, or even go hunt the war targets, I find it a perfect excuse to go through myself down a wormhole for a week or so and earn some ISK  in exploration sites.

I can’t say I’m great at ISK making though – I tend to just float around and do stuff from time to time.  I’ll do the occasional bit of industry, either mining or using blueprints obtained in my adventures, or run a mission or two (one day I will get around to finishing the Gallente Epic Arc I started).  But exploration is the one thing I always come back to in the end.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.23.05 pm.jpg

Most of these activities however are typically done on my main.  Kailii is a jack of all trades and I really am not a major fan of alts.  That said, I do maintain two alts on the same account who do occasionally get logged into.

The first is my station trading alt.  Numbers fascinate me and I love sifting through data trying to make sense of it – hence why a trading alt seemed like a logical style of gameplay for me.  Although she sat dormant during the last three months (busy RL end of year stuff) I kept a number of items in my hanger for when I eventually got around to restarting.  And just as well I did – nearly all of the items had gone up in price rather significantly since I had bought them.  Quite a nice way to make some quick profits.

Evernus has been a fantastic tool though at helping me to identify possible items to trade, as well as a quick look at the market history graph (The Bullworth Burger model is a great way of identifying some great stocks on the market).  While I used to have a spreadsheet on hand, I don’t tend to use it these days (I guess Evernus does all that for me).

My second alt came about last year when CCP provided players with 20 days of free multiple character training.  At the time I was running a nice little Fuel Block industry operation in Catch (which I really miss doing) and thought it would be great to get another PI alt started.

Alas this PI alt generally sits around, and I’ll sometimes log in when I remember to move items around.  Its a nice passive ISK earner, but I’m not expecting great amounts to come from it (its in high sec after all).

With all of this said, I’ve never really been to concerned with ISK making being the primary goal for my game play.  Sure it’s nice to have, but I consider it a nice bonus to the way I spend my time in-game.  After all, If I didn’t enjoy flying my internet spaceships around then what would be the point of logging in anyway.




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