Goals for YC 118 (in game and RL)

I’m not normally one for New Years Resolutions however I figure this year I need to start setting some goals. For too long I’ve floated by and while that served me quite well I am finally reaching a point where I need to get more active in the direction I take, both in game as well as my real life personal and professional situations. 

First up is a fairly easy one, with my wife and I recently joining the gym after moving back to the city after four years of country living.  I need to get in better shape and could stand to lose a few kilos. 

Another RL goal is to get serious about learning to code. I’ve dabbled with a few intro courses in the past, playing with JavaScript and Swift more recently, but never really got very far with it to do anything meaningful. 

Onto some New Eden related goals and the big one for me is to get into FCing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but always had some excuse to not get around to it. No more – this year I will be making it happen, in addition to posting regularly to my blog 

So there it is – three-ish reasonable goals that are quite obtainable. There are many other things I also want to achieve but if I can settle for those three things to start with then I’m going to claim op success for the year. 


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