My YC 117 in Review

I’ve attempted to start this blogging thing many times before without much success – usually other things happen and it quickly falls by the wayside (seriously the number of half finished drafts sitting here is embarrassing).  However, this being the end of another year in New Eden and all I suppose it’s only fitting that I begin to reflect on how things have gone and to hopefully kickstart the new year.

I began Yc 117 as a line member of Brave Newbies, enjoying the sense of belonging to what at the time was a large 0.0 alliance.  In particular I was able to carve out my own little niche area of Catch that I could use to run my small time industry operation, constructing Amarr Fuel Blocks.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to last, as about two months into the new year I could sense something wasn’t quite right.  So I began to make my strategic withdrawal, gradually removing all of my assets from Catch over the space of a month before finally dropping corp.  And lo and behold, Brave collapsed a month later following some serious drama – all of which had been bubbling away in the months leading up to it.

Not long after all this I signed up with Redemption Road and Affirmative Alliance, flying under the illustrious Greygal.  I had flown a number of NPSI roams with this group in the past (even attempting to coordinate fights with Brave) and felt this would be the right group for me.  I had the freedom to do what I wanted and could hang out with a cool group of people on comms.

I tried a training session for alliance tournament and decided it wasn’t my thing.  I practiced some scouting and realised I want to do more of this (eventually).  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed flying logi in the middle of a battle and helping to make the difference when it counts.

I’ve also tried new avenues to engage with the citizens of New Eden.  With the newly developed alliance logo on hand (thanks Subi), I tried my hand at putting together some ads for AT.  It certainly got me interested in trying more things like it (I’ve created a Tumblr with most of projects I’ve developed so far)


My true love for this game though does come from a lot of the lore and PVE content.  While many of my ships have been collecting dust in their respective hangers, I have managed to take my Stratios out and go down the occasional wormhole (I have learned to solo some C1 and C2 sleeper sites) or even go mine some gas in my Prospect.  I’ve flown once with Consortium Operations to take on the Drifter Hives (and wishing I had the time to do more).  And I’ve even helped to fight back the Blood Raiders and their Crimson Harvest and taken on the Serpentis on behalf on the Upwell Consortium as part of Operation Frostline.

All in all YC 117 has been a remarkable year and I look forward to seeing what YC 118 brings…starting with the MASSIVE training queue to fly my secret santa present.


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